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  April 2016 : VOCABASE acquires the Blue Flag company




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New release VocaBase v3.0 available

New functionalities in VocaBase Studio

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The convergence of Internet and telephone technology has revolutionized the customer relationship landscape over the past decade. Featuring easier-to-use voice technology, a new generation of intelligent voice portals has taken over from older interactive voice servers that could be used only to qualify calls. These innovative portals provide a range of automatic services that are notably more comprehensive.

The Business Unit « Customer Interaction Solutions  » of Devoteam, EMEA leader in Information & Communication Technologies Consulting and Solutions, provides enterprises with tools enabling quick roll-out of vocal portals, of which contents, evolution and service quality are fully controlled by the users.

Discover applications for ...


attendance, marketing, sales and customer service;


in the financial, mass market distribution, and transportation;


through actual customer case studies, where you can appreciate the benefits of these solutions.




Learn about ...


the VocaBase software package for the design and operation of voice portals,


the VocaPacks suite of business applications for rapid deployment of standard services,


the ready-to-use VocaPortal platform for hosting,


and the simple and powerful Interactive Voice Response platform Voxpilot .