Customer Interactions

over the Phone 

(Speech & SMS technologies)

Our History :


VocaBase was born in the early 2000s, when the convergence of Internet technologies and telephony revolutionized the customer relationship landscape. More flexible with new voice technologies, a new generation of Intelligent Voice Portals has replaced the former Interactive Voice Servers for call-only qualification and a much wider range of automated services.

2000 : VocaBase software development launch
2004: commercial launch at the European Customer Relationship Fair in Paris
2005: establishment of a network of integrating partners and operators in Belgium and France
2006: Deployment of a first “order taking” application for a catalogue sales leader in France
2007: first references in finance (banking and insurance), public sector, transport and telecoms
2009: Launch of the first consumer application using  voice recognition at a large-scale.
2011: DEVOTEAM, European leader in digital transformation, enter the the capital
2012: launch of the outbound call management platform
2013:  First VocaPack application for debt collection
2016: acquisition of  BlueFlag SA/NV, specialized in the patient relation by phone and SMS
2017: deployment of the first packaged cloud application suite for hospitals
2019: largest deployment (15 000 concurrent calls) for prepaid subscription for a telecom operator

The flexibility of our technology made us successful in differents industries.

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