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Finance & Insurance

VocaBase + VocaPacks suite for Finance

Client relationships in the financial sector are undergoing a profound mutation. An increasing number of clients interact with their bank or insurance company online for routine operations and no longer pay personal visits except for certain specific operations.

Intelligent voice portals play an essential role in this context. They are available at all times by telephone, the clients’ favorite contact tool. Since voice portal operating costs are significantly lower than those of call centers, they leave call center operators free to focus on services with greater added value.

Speech recognition makes these portals much easier to use for receiving, qualifying and distributing incoming calls. In addition, voice synthesis and the link between the Internet and company IT systems enable proposing a broad range of transactions. These include commercial and business transactions, as well as self-service for clients.

Some references in the finance sector

(ex Banksys) : European leader of payment systems by electronic debit and credit cards. Attendance and routing IVRs on a Genesys platform for the contact centre in charge of the relationship with merchants and cardholders (120 agents). Interface with the corporate IT systems (HP Non stop and Oracle CRM) though IBM MQ Series. Integration by NextiraOne.

Number 1 of the enterprise information and credit management services. Speech-enabled application for the contact centre on an Alcatel + Genesys platform, interfaced through Web Services with the Atos Worldline Secured Internet Pay-ment System. Integration by NextiraOne.

Leasing institutional Belgian retail bank. Voice portal to deliver one time codes to open and close 4.000 ATM safe locks spread over the Belgian country. Integrated with Genesys GVP platform and security planning applications by VocaBase. Hosted by IS4F (IBM group) .

(AXA France and Belgium) global leader in Financial Protection. Call routing appli-cations running on a Genesys GVP platform and integrated with the AXA Genesys routing system. Operation by AXA Tech Services . Integration with AXA business intelligence reporting tools.

(3 Suisses group) : leader of consumer credit by telephone with more than 6 mil-lion customers spread over 8 European countries. Self-service transactional IVR to manage the overflow of the call centre. Genesys platform interfaced with the Co-fidis IT system through BEA Tuxedo. Integration by DB Scape as subcontractor of NextiraOne.

Santander Consumer Finance, leading consumer credit provider. Outbound call campaigns on fixed lines or mobiles, to the customers with payment delay, in order to collect their commitments to pay. VocaPortal platform 20 ports dedi-cated including a redundant VoiceXML platform, VocaBase server with MySQL database and outbound dialer.

Belgian leading debt collection Service provider. Automated Debt Collection out-bound campaigns integrated with Altitude Software contact center platform. Operated by VocaBase in SaaS mode.

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