Utilities industries include power (electricity, gas & fuel), water (drinking and waste), and telecommunication  networks operators. The opening of those markets drives competition and competitive market requires customer special care for customer satisfaction.  One important challenge to consider in this regard is the capability to provide self-service customer interaction transactions at all the stages of the customer relationship cycle that meet the following challenges :

  • 24/7/365 accessibility even in peak hours

  • Multichannel user friendly interfaces including voice which remains the preferred customer care interaction channel

  • Provide on-line transactions capability fully integrated with business back-end system

Self-service utilities customer interactions over the phone 

VocaBase covers the whole scope of Customer Relationship in the Utilities Industry from marketing and customer acquisition to customer services through on-line contract management transactions

VocaBase integrated solutions for Utilities include the following VocaPack applications :

Some references in the utilities sector

Leading Belgian telco operator. Call routing applications running on a GVP platform, integrated with Avaya telephony. Integration by NextiraOne.

Fifth mobile network operator in France. Welcome and call routing application , and self-service transactions. Operation and hosting by Prosodie. Evolution by the customer.