VocaBase platform

In just one tool, VocaBase integrates all the services required for complete management of the IVR: administration, configuration and operation. The application is both open and controlled.


VocaBase features different tools that allow to configure the applications of a voice portal through simple parametering:

General ergonomics
· Integral implementation through configuration (graphic selections, forms to be completed, boxes to check, etc.) avoiding any programming job.
· Creation of new objects by copy/paste of existing objects
· Online configuration
· Online contextual help

Script development
· Separation of script into reusable modules broken down into standard elementary steps
· Voice interaction steps
· Call control steps: hang-up, transfer
· Operational steps: calculations and orientation
· Simple configuration of script development logic (module and step sequencing, sequence rupture, etc.)
· Dynamic expression language for configuring the business rules that govern the logic of the dialog, prompt contents and the choices authorized in the menus
· Automatic generation of VoiceXML 2.0 pages
· Configuration of general parameters that can be modified by less-qualified users through operating modes

Voice interactions
· Interaction steps: messages, static and dynamic menus, dates, names, message recording, confirmation by e-mail or SMS
· Support of audio prompts and/or static and/or dynamic tex-to-speech
· DTMF interactions (telephone keys) and/or speech recognition (with grammar management)
· Standard profiles for error processing
· “Barge-in” configuration
· Global orders
· Multilingualism

IT and ICT integration
· Read/write access to SQL database
· Integration of web services and http/XML interfaces by JSP plug-ins

· Optional encryption of secured applications

· Integration of other VoiceXML applications
· ICT integration (bidirectional exchange of call context data between IVR and agents)

Archive configuration
· Definition of events to be archived
· Configuration of call tags to be used in statistical reports

Collaborative development
· Vertical (by software service) and horizontal (by application module) access protection
· Traceability of all configuration changes (time-stamped and dated signatures)
· Notification by alerts in case of concurrent modifications

Tools for fine tuning and adjustment
· Online verification of configuration consistency
· Cross references for steps and variables
· Automatic generation of dialog outline (documentation)
· Graphic simulator of script development with debug mode
· Event-driven archiving of all operations carried out during the call


VocaBase integrates administrative tools for all resources used by the voice application server:

· Virtual Java machine and J2EE platform installation
· VocaBase installation

Technical resources
· VoiceXML platform
· Speech synthesis and recognition engines
· SQL sessions with the DBMS (including high availability management)

Access security
· List of users and groups
· Individual access rights

· Choice of languages to be used in the application

Version management
· Back-up / total or partial recovery of application elements

· From development server to production servers via test servers

Automatic tasks
· Configuration of planners to calculate call tags and generate reports

Monitoring system
· Real-time monitoring of resources
· Consultation of system logs


Operating modes
· Configuration of operating modes (assignment of values to parameters)
· Selection of active operating mode

Real-time tracking
· Number of on-going calls

Chronological call log
· Log display according to filter criteria
· Display of detailed call record

Statistical reports
· Configuration of report contents
· Automatic scheduled generation of reports
· Consultation of automatically generated reports
· On-demand report generation

Special specific functions
· Screen for business-specific configuration of an application