VocaBase is a VoiceXML application server featuring tools for the administration, design and operation of new-generation voice portals.

VocaBase orchestrates all phone interactions between customers, IT systems and contact centers in real time, using an integrated definition of call flow that combines voice interactions, business rules and IT transactions.

To grow and sustain market position, business need customer loyalty which requires top call customer service

As the phone remains one of the major channels used in customer relationship, modern voice portals need to address following challenges:

In addition, as competiton drives rapid market evolution, Voice Portal platforms need to empower business users to continuously design & adapt their voice portals content accordingly while constantly monitor customer usage and satisfaction


Companies must meet the challenge of accelerating economic cycles. New businesses, new products, new services: all this obviously impacts the contents of customer relationships, since they have more reasons than ever to contact companies.

VocaBase meets all key integration challenges

We designed VocaBase Studio to help companies meet these challenges within the particular framework of customer relationships via telephone.



The VocaBase Studio user interface enables business users to rapidly implement and scale their internal or external applications through their Internet browser without having to acquire specialized technical know-how.

It also includes tools for tracking and analyzing traffic and customer behavior that are essential to companies for continued improvement of their service quality.

VocaBase enables companies to close the loop that takes into account both “quality” and “customer satisfaction” goals, while providing them with the means to attain their objectives of reducing implementation costs, delays and risks. This is achieved primarily though two essential services :


  • Configuration of contents by business users;

  • Operating tools (they allow indispensable tracking and analysis to ensure continued improvement of service).

The deployment of these technologies significantly improves user facility for customers and offers substantial gains in call center productivity. This applies both to traditional applications for receiving and distributing calls in contact centers and to personalized contacts in open phone service integrated with the company’s customer relationship software.

Customer Satisfaction

Since the telephone remains the favorite means of interaction with companies for a majority of customers (for 92% of them, according to a Gartner Group study), VocaBase organizes its growth primarily around the supply of applications for voice attendance, routing and/or automatic treatment of telephone calls destined for companies and their contact centers.

New-generation Voice Bots  allow meeting overall goals in the customer relationship. Competitive differentiation comes from the alliance of product quality AND customer service. A company with excellent products and services but with mediocre customer relationships will see its customers vanish with increasing speed as they become choosier.


Unlike older voice servers whose call scripts remained fixed once they were implemented, sometimes even throughout service life, new-generation servers are required to evolve very regularly, for the same reasons as those evoked under the heading “time to market.”

It is no longer possible to depend on a service provider and to wait six months between requesting assistance and receiving a working solution! In the Web 2.0 world, which is based on the boom in interactions centered on the user, customer relationship and marketing departments can no longer wait more than a few days, or even more than a few hours, between identifying a new need and providing a concrete operational response with customer relationship tools.

VocaBase is the answer to this crucial issue: the VocaBase web interface for configuration and operation is designed for business users; on their own, they can easily modify parameters without having to depend on technical experts who are all too often unavailable after initial developments. The software allows not only configuring voice server contents, but also provides tools for tracking and analyzing its utilization and service quality through freely configurable statistical report histories.

Access security functions allow associating specific rights to each user to ensure optimal collaboration by the different project participants.

Cost reduction

The development of voice self-service frees company personnel from having to take care of routine calls, making them more available for executing tasks with greater added value (such as the treatment of more complex calls or proactive outbound calls), which are also more personally enriching. Currently, voice servers are able to treat these routine calls with the same, or even greater, quality at costs that are ten times less that those of employees.

As for implementation expenses, VocaBase considerably reduces Total Ownership Cost over the entire lifecycle of voice applications; this is the sum of initial development and adaptation fees plus the cost of maintenance and evolution.