VocaPack Automated Attendant

The VocaPacks Automated Attendant application provides telephone reception for small and large organizations and call centres  in an automatic mode. Used alone or combined with the services of a team of receptionists, it ensures connection with the person or department desired under optimal conditions of reactivity and comfort for the caller and performance for the company.

For the caller, it guarantees a positive perception of the company:

• Avoids abandoned called and complaints
• Processes calls rapidly and efficiently
• Ensures comfortably fluid conversation and pleasant transfer through service regularity
• Provides permanent availability; gives information on company hours at minimum

For the company, telephone reception is simplified and optimized:

• Avoids complaints and improves company image
• Ensures availability of reception services and company departments
No scripting work, just easy configuration of reachable persons, services and reasons for call.
• Provides flexibility (management of peak call times, which enables optimal direct management of personnel)
• Analyses all data (persons called, persons calling, reason for call, length of call, transfers made, etc.)
• Reduces operating costs

VocaPack Automated Attendant Leaflet

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