VocaPack Access Security

Access Security  to buildings, rooms and safes has since a while been managed mainly with keys, badges and codes used by both internal and external company users. The security of valuables is subsequently often totally depending upon the reliability and trustworthiness of multiple people involved. Fast evolving businesses  need furthermore to improve their security while at  the same time increasing the flexibility of their security operations and decreasing  their costs.

These challenges have recently led to the development  of Interactive Code System (ICS) technology where legacy keys and codes are being replaced by One-Time Codes (OTC). Those systems not only decrease the dependence on human beings. In addition, they support duress management capability, enable time-based access control and provide systematic operations tracking.

Improve security while increasing flexibility and keep cost under control

 ICS transactions require virtual connections between locks, operators  and enterprise control centres. For security reasons, companies tend to avoid IT connection between locks and control centres. Hence, information to be entered on the lock keyboards are generally communicated by control  centres to users through  phone conversations.  This may require hundreds or thousands of daily phone calls from  operators to exchange one-time identification, opening & closing  codes.

The automation of such phone transactions save both lock users and back-office operators significant time and enable to improve the security and flexibility of access control operations without any cost increase.

VocaPack Access Security to manage automated ICS operations.

VocaPack AS delivers OTC codes to users automatically over the phone, according to the settings of all branches, locks and both internal and external users of the company.

It automatically detects and manages duress situations and provide comprehensive detailed operation tracking.  For banking institutions, it provides optional detailed operations validation against scheduled planning. 

Vocapack AS is a scalable configurable and packaged solution that leverages the most recent speech and cloud technology standards.

Fast ROI

Automating telephone interactions with an IVR provides fast return on investment : live operators can be used for higher value operations, waiting times for the user are reduced to virtually zero and reliability of interaction is higher.

Time saving

Huge amounts of time can be saved on a daily base, on both sides : lock users and dispatching operators.

Higher value for operators

Operators have higher value tasks and are more available for core business tasks.

Higher user efficiency

Reducing waiting times and reliability of interaction enable users to make efficient and faster tours.


The solution is scalable with virtually no upper limit. Incoming phone lines can be added easily, the basic platform can handle 200 concurrent incoming calls with operations on a single server.

High availability

Redundancy, load balancing and/or hot fail over is a standard for VocaBase voice portals, as for the other components of the system.

Any phone works

Mobile phones, land lines, SIP phones, any technology works.

How does it work ?


The highly evolved VocaBase IVR technology is interacting with the Questor AS 274 system exactly like a human operator, with all security features.


A fully VoiceXML compliant platform underlies a web application server and receives incoming calls from the PSTN or SIP network cloud. The voice portal technology VocaBase is analysing the call source and given IDs, compares them with the Questor locks & user database, checks out (optionally) coherence of presence of the person at a given location at a given time and grants access by delivering the opening code. The user can repeat the enunciation for a given time, until the code is lapsed.


Once the safe operation are accomplished, the user dials again the IVR telephone Nr and returns the closing code. The lock status is now changed back to closed.

Enhanced optional security features

VocaBase technology can handle optional security features like evolved security planning, handling geo-located access rights by roles and precise time frames, in house or out sourced (SaaS).

Interfaces with internal or external

security applications

In some cases, integration with external applications is possible, for example CIT tour planning or employee time tables.

Manual intervention at any time

All manual interaction remains possible at any stage, users can be banned and locks or lock groups deactivated, over the normal AS 274 web interface, remaining fully operational and updated in real time.

Duress detection

Inbuilt duress detection is natively recognized, in some cases, sophisticated additional features have been implemented, like interfaces to external alarm systems.

Audit trail for all requests by phone

VocaBase technology traces all calls and provides a full reporting on all caller operations, in addition to the integrated Questor audit trail for operators.

Speaker identification / authentication

Optionally speakers can be identified/ authenticated by advanced voice technologies, and/or stress levels can be detected.

VocaPack Access Security

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