VocaPacks is a suite of preconfigured business applications that are developed and maintained by VocaBase. They are based on an accumulation of ten years of experience in the design of VoiceXML speech applications for VocaBase.

The VocaPacks suite contains frequently requested standard applications for various businesses.
Since they avoid having to redo design and development work when a new project is undertaken, VocaBase applications are three times faster to deploy than specific developments.

Since VocaPacks applications work in the VocaBase environment in which they were configured, they are naturally compatible with all VocaBase applications designed for specific needs.

They are available under license, as well as in hosted mode on the VocaPortal platform.

Automated Attendant

Telephone reception for small and large companies and call centres in an automatic mode. 

Appointment Management

Manages  appointments through over the phone. Takes new appointment, remind, change or cancel them.

Debt Collection

Leverages the interactivity of the telephone relationship to facilitate the automatic collection of due payments.

Online Payment

Manages payments by credit cards or direct debits authorization over the phone.

Access Security

Delivers interactive one-time codes to authorize opening or closing of safe or room locks.

Clinical Follow-up

Patients follow-up campaigns after hospitalization of for clinical tests

Quality of Service

Customer satisfaction surveys, either in real time after conversations, or through bulk outbound campaigns

Location Finder

Provides on-line detailed information about points of interests selected on search criteria (including contact, available services and opening hours)

Crisis Management

Massive outbound campaigns for fast alert notifications in short period of time