The first Flexible Voice Portal on demand including Application Management !

An IVP delivers Intelligent Interaction with the Customer, not just « press 1, press 2 » like in legacy IVRs. It handles VXML speech interaction and is integrated with back end IT systems. An IVP is able to identify and/or to segment callers and to generate context driven menus on the fly. The IVP is a dynamic Voice Portal, easy to maintain with web based management and easily configurable in fast paced business environments. It is able to interact with websites and is the key to a multichannel approach.


From VocaBase to VocaPortal
VocaBase is the underlying Voice Application Management Software in the VocaPortal Solution, bundled with a fully featured technical platform for an immediate start, including Voice Technologies (Text To Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition), VXML browser, Telecom connections, application servers, web based Studio Interface. It makes it easy to configure Call Scripts with business user level technical understanding, and/or to use packaged solutions, without writing a single line of code.


VocaPortal : OPEX versus CAPEX
With VocaPortal you can benefit from a fully operational IVP for a monthly fee, with minimal set up costs (ASP).


Time to Market
The VocaPortal generic software package for Voice Application Management (VAMS) includes an extensive set of standard services and functionalities, developed for multiple customers and constantly being expanded. Tools for testing and fine tuning of applications are integrated, through web simulation before or during the operational stage.


VocaPortal Services
A business user can manage entirely his IVP remotely and autonomously. A few (on-line) training sessions are required for configuring basic applications, for more complex Customer Interaction the VocaBase Professional Services Team can assist during set up operations.

VocaPortal Outbound Campaign Manager

Manage your outbound Calls/SMS/email campaigns with OCM

VocaPortal Agent Desk

Manage the intbound calls to agent / internal employees